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Clay Red 3D850 High Temp PLA 750g 1.75mm

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This HTPLA uses Ingeo's tried and true 3D850 PLA, adored by casual and professional makers alike. I hope I've done a good job giving it a little bit of a boost in printing behavior and strength and I do have people who say that it works very well for them as a general 'Pro' PLA with the added option of being suitable for high temperature applications. 

Printing temperature ranges from 200C - 225C depending on your printer and how fast you are trying to push plastic out of your nozzle. Personally I'd start at 210C if you're throwing it alongside your existing settings. Further advice on 3D Printing settings can be found at the bottom of the materials page.

It has a very high rate of crystallization allowing it to be annealed (reheated) after printing for much greater heat stability. It is suitable for hot water applications like coffee mugs or a trip through the dishwasher. How physically demanding your application is will determine the exact 'operating' temperature. For instance, it's possible a hot soup serving spoon might bend or flex undesirably during use. 

You can anneal it by dunking it in boiling water for a minute or two or by placing it on a cookie sheet in your oven at around 200F - 230F for 10-30 minutes. Slight warping and shrinking of printed parts often occurs so there is some trial and error involved in producing the finished piece you want, this amount seems to be about the same or slightly less than other HTPLA on the market and is very dependent on part geometry and printing conditions. If you're unsure about where to start in your HTPLA journey, I'll confess I've just thrown annealed parts into the dishwasher and let them slowly anneal over time as they get used, though this would not be a suitable method for ensuring full crystallization before service in a demanding application.

Some people with all metal hotends have reported bizarre under extrusion with this PLA. The current theory has to do with how tight the hotend has been screwed together and that PLA left in the nozzle can crystalize at seams and cause jamming. I've attempted to replicate this issue a number of times without success so it's possible that it is due to a low frequency manufacturing variation. 

My Goal - is to make Engineering Grade 3D Filament that looks great, works great, and cuts as much waste as possible. But only you can tell me if i'm doing right.

Mad Maker Filament's Aim - is to provide no nonsense 3D Filament that gets the job done without wasting your time and money on fluff. 

200g Spools and Other Sizes - are possible using custom spools produced in-house. 200g spool stock is limited temporarily while pending customer feedback on the design.

I want you to notice a difference - using Mad Maker Filament. I want all the 3D Filament I make to pass on some added value to you. Whether it be the color and appearance of your prints, the performance of the material during printing and in use, or the cost value from leveraging efficient production, 3D Printed spools optimized for shipping, and the fact that your dollars aren't going to support a bloated company with high overhead.

Shipping - is fast and free for orders over $50 and only $5 for orders less than that. I do my best to ensure orders are shipped same or next day.

Spool Design - The goal is an economical way for you to receive and use your filament that doesn't detract from your 3D Printing experience and if possible, enhances it. More information and the development status can be found here.

Status Out Diameter  Center Bore Width
Current 7.00" 2.05 2.0" per 750g PLA


The Right Temperature and Speed  - is critical for getting the best looking and performing parts. Best advice for all materials boils down to Low & Slow. More detail on this can be found on the Materials page.

Bulk, Wholesale & Custom Runs - are all available. I like to keep batch sizes divisible by 10kg (22lb). I think I price ideally for Schools, Print Farms and Businesses.

Large Format Spools - are possible and in the works. Contact me to to be put on the list for trialing when they are available.

Not Convinced? - Tell me why. I want Mad Maker Filament to be desirable and valuable to you so let me know things to change, information to add and I'll see if I can make it happen.

The Contact Form Below - goes to my email. I do my best to respond quickly bearing in mind that sometimes it might take me a couple days depending on production. If you don't see the contact form then you are viewing this from the product tab and just need to click the Contact link at the top or bottom of every page.