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Mad Maker PLA | 1.75mm | 1.5 kg

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(In Progress - Spools pictured are for color reference)

It's PLA

It's a lot of PLA

It prints well

It's darn affordable

Available colors on a rotating schedule

Oh...and this other stuff. FDA approved for food contact, mesh filtered, etc.

My Goal - is to make Engineering Grade 3D Filament that looks great, works great, and cuts as much waste as possible. But only you can tell me if i'm doing right.

Mad Maker Filament's Aim - is to provide no nonsense 3D Filament that gets the job done without wasting your time and money on fluff. 

All 3D Filament is American Made and American Grade - made in-house using 100% domestically sourced and produced materials.

I want you to notice a difference - using Mad Maker Filament. I want all the 3D Filament I make to pass on some added value to you. Whether it be the color and appearance of your prints, the performance of the material during printing and in use, or the cost value from leveraging efficient production, 3D Printed spools optimized for shipping, and the fact that your dollars aren't going to support a bloated company with high overhead.

200g Spools and Other Sizes - are possible using custom spools produced in-house. For the moment, spool sizes smaller than 1.5kg are on hold while less labor intense equipment and procedures are developed.

Shipping - is fast and free for orders over 6kg or $75, whichever is first. I do my best to ensure orders are shipped same or next day.

The Right Temperature and Speed  - is critical for getting the best looking and performing parts. Best advice for all materials boils down to Low & Slow. More detail on this can be found on the Materials page.

Bulk, Wholesale & Custom Runs - I try to maintain competitive small volume pricing similar are better to many producers bulk pricing. If you have an interesting project or particular need, please feel encouraged to contact me using the form below. Though I am having to be selective in what I take on until I am able to finish my current work on improving small spool production. 

Large Format Spools - are possible and have been tested with good success. In addition to the larger-than-average 1.5kg spool currently available. I am trialing a 3kg (6.5lb) Spool available mid July.

Not Convinced? - Tell me why. I want Mad Maker Filament to be desirable and valuable to you so let me know things to change, information to add and I'll see if I can make it happen.

The Contact Form Below - goes to my email. I do my best to respond quickly bearing in mind that sometimes it might take me a couple days depending on production. If you don't see the contact form then you are viewing this from the product tab and just need to click the Contact link at the top or bottom of every page.