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Aquamarine Mad Maker PLA+ 1.75mm

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Easy to use, strong, fast, flexible and best of all cheap. Mad Maker PLA+ adapts easily to hobby use, high resolution detail 3D Printing, or the demands of volume production. Combined with it's strong 3D Printing performance Mad Maker PLA+ aims to provide a single well balanced material to give you the greatest flexibility and quality in your work.

For all materials I recommend slowing infill speed to 60% and increasing infill line width to 160% of wall or nozzle. Set an absolute infill spacing rather than percent if your slicer has the option. I've found this gives surprisingly consistent and strong parts without reducing print time. Further advice on 3D Printing settings can be found at the bottom of the materials page.

High Resolution, Detail Printing - Layer Height: < 0.1mm, Temp: 175C to 185C

Since you're printing at the edge of your machines capabilities maintaining stable extrusion conditions in your hotend is key. You're likely using a small bore nozzle but even if you're not you can still get great results. For your given layer height, width and speed you'll find a hard bottom to possible printing temperatures below which unstable under extrusion occurs. You'll likely find printing 3-5 degrees above this temperature gives you your best quality. At these layers, mechanical influences from your 3D Printer such as print jerk and print speed will have a big influence. Establish the highest speed that still gives you the quality you want but don't be surprised if you find yourself between 20-40 mm/s. You want quality not speed. resist temptation to increase speed during infill. This will upset your flow characteristic and make you prone to a number of printing artifacts. Instead, as mentioned above, reduce your infill speed while increasing your infill width. This will maintain the volume of material being printed while improving the likelihood of a solid dependable infill network. You may be inclined to use lots of cooling but keep in mind rapid cooling can introduce stresses in your part. I've found reducing my printing temperature can overall give a better return on print quality than increasing cooling.

High Volume Production Printing - Layer Height: > 0.3mm, Temp: 200C to 225C

While increasing the bore size of your nozzle is a great place to start, you'll probably find you are limited in throughput by your extruders heating capacity more than anything. I've found 0.5-0.8 mm nozzles to provide the necessary throughput, quality and consistency needed for most work. I run 0.6mm all metal hotends and have been happy with the range of flexibility they provide.

No matter your configuration, the following guidelines are my recommendation for using Mad Maker PLA+ in a volume production setting.

Flow rate - A product of speed, line width and layer height, the flow rate is the volume of plastic coming out of your nozzle and there is a maximum value your extruder and heater can sustain while giving adequate mechanical and printing qualities. Finding this value can be done reliably by alternating an increase in line width in temperature until an increase in temperature fails to compensate for an increase in line width. At that point, dial back the temperature until just above the point where extrusion is unstable.

Temperature - Find the lowest working temperature where layer bonding and consistency of flow rate is unaffected. Easiest way I've found is a high quality scale with 0.1g or 0.01g accuracy. The temperature at which the weight of your part starts to drop is the point at which your flow rate has become unstable.

First Layer - If you are REALLY cramming out parts, you know this layer is critical to dial in. Plastic starts to act differently at low and high throughputs, and you may find inconsistent first layer adhesion if you try to push your speed. Rather, slow it down and increase your line width.

Speed - We're all about speed at this point right? Well maybe, throughput is most likely what we're going for. Moving plastic not print heads necessarily. I like to keep my extruder going slow to maximize layer bonding and minimize machine wobble and compensate by increasing layer width for all but the outer wall. The outer wall I'll decrease to improve feature detail. The downside to this is that I change my flow characteristics and if I have a particularly long outer wall it can start to wobble my temperatures as the PID attempts to compensate. IF I notice a decrease in quality either surface quality due to a hot swing, or flow rate consistency due to a low swing then I'll increase outer wall speed (counter intuitive right?) and find the balance of wall width and speed.

My Goal - is to make Engineering Grade 3D Filament that looks great, works great, and cuts as much waste as possible. But only you can tell me if i'm doing right.

Mad Maker Filament's Aim - is to provide no nonsense 3D Filament that gets the job done without wasting your time and money on fluff. 

All 3D Filament is American Made and American Grade - made in-house using 100% domestically sourced and produced materials.

I want you to notice a difference - using Mad Maker Filament. I want all the 3D Filament I make to pass on some added value to you. Whether it be the color and appearance of your prints, the performance of the material during printing and in use, or the cost value from leveraging efficient production, 3D Printed spools optimized for shipping, and the fact that your dollars aren't going to support a bloated company with high overhead.

200g Spools and Other Sizes - are possible using custom spools produced in-house. For the moment, spool sizes smaller than 1.5kg are on hold while less labor intense equipment and procedures are developed.

Shipping - is fast and free for orders over 6kg or $75, whichever is first. I do my best to ensure orders are shipped same or next day.

The Right Temperature and Speed  - is critical for getting the best looking and performing parts. Best advice for all materials boils down to Low & Slow. More detail on this can be found on the Materials page.

Bulk, Wholesale & Custom Runs - I try to maintain competitive small volume pricing similar are better to many producers bulk pricing. If you have an interesting project or particular need, please feel encouraged to contact me using the form below. Though I am having to be selective in what I take on until I am able to finish my current work on improving small spool production. 

Large Format Spools - are possible and have been tested with good success. In addition to the larger-than-average 1.5kg spool currently available. I am trialing a 3kg (6.5lb) Spool available mid July.

Not Convinced? - Tell me why. I want Mad Maker Filament to be desirable and valuable to you so let me know things to change, information to add and I'll see if I can make it happen.

The Contact Form Below - goes to my email. I do my best to respond quickly bearing in mind that sometimes it might take me a couple days depending on production. If you don't see the contact form then you are viewing this from the product tab and just need to click the Contact link at the top or bottom of every page.