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Mad Maker Filament Branches Off From ProtoParadigm

Posted by Mad Maker on

I wanted to take a moment and say that Mad Maker Filament is officially branching off from ProtoParadigm. The relationship between Mad Maker and ProtoParadigm has been a little undefined for the last couple months. It took longer than I expected but now that some of the final details are worked out and there's not as much work to do getting everything working here at Mad Maker Filament I am able to sit down at the internet machine and explain where ProtoParadigm ends and Mad Maker Filament begins.

ProtoParadigm had always been a relatively small outfit and after a member of the company stepped down for personal reasons, the company found itself unable to adequately carry out the necessary functions of production, fulfillment and customer service. Incidences of delayed orders and missed support tickets were increasing at an unacceptable rate and eventually operations ground to a halt.

As one of the owners of ProtoParadigm and the head of product development I still very much wanted to find a way to continue developing and producing 3D Filament. Unable to move forward within the more complex organization and systems established by ProtoParadigm it was agreed that I would run and operate Mad Maker Filament as a separate, self contained entity using a dramatically simplified process for production and fulfillment.

Mad Maker uses production equipment from ProtoParadigm that has been modified to require less labor and I've adjusted formula bases to be more consistent and reliable. If you used and liked Protoparadigm 3D Filament in the past, I think you'll love Mad Maker Filament. And if you were a customer of ProtoParadigm that was left left wanting, let me know, I am happy to do my best to take care of any outstanding ProtoParadigm customer service, just shoot me an email using the website contact form and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Think of Mad Maker Filament as your personal extrusion facility where 3D Filament is developed, tested and produced based on what you, the 3D Printing community want to see made. Apart from making great filament; customer feedback, stock stability and timely fulfillment are my highest priority. 

Mad Maker Filament's equivalent to ProSpec HTPLA can be found under my take on 3D850 by Natureworks LLC. It should perform the same as before but with a little extra impact strength thrown in for good measure. With the addition of Mad Maker PLA+ to the filament line up the current plan is to run a limited selection of colors in 3D850 and only run my complete color range in PLA+. If there is any color in 3D850 you'd like to see in particular feel free to let me know and I'll put it in the lineup.

200g Spools $5 Filament Style should start popping up in stock now that I seem to have gotten good production of the new upgraded spool. You can follow me on twitter @MadMaker3DF for a shout out when they come back in stock.

Mad Maker PLA+ is the hot new plastic around here and so far the feedback has been great. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Thanks to everyone who has helped with the necessary feedback and ideas to get Mad Maker Filament off the ground. If you have any questions or comments, please send them to me via the contact form. It sometimes takes me a day or two to get to everything but I'll be working my hardest to get to everyone as quickly as possible. 

Best Regards and Happy Printing from One Mad Maker!